Upcycled Arrowhead Protection Layering Necklace

Upcycled Arrowhead Protection Layering Necklace

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Style meets spirituality meets protection meets badassness. This necklace is one piece with 3 layered chains. One of the chains is upcycled cotton (softer than soft) on which the gold-plated Muse Protection Arrowhead pendant sits. The other layers are copper chains, one of which carries a gold-plated Karma pendant. The necklace is on the long side and meant to slide over your head, about 30". One of the cooler pieces I've made, tbh.

All of my pieces are created with the idea that living one's truth IS enlightenment. Far East cultures believe that physical talismans which have been blessed contain the power to help a person find such truths. As a person walking her own truth in life & a healer, it is my hope that ZAHARA JADE talismans provide you energetic support along your journey.

*These are spiritual & cultural beliefs grounded in Thai & Balinese culture, Hinduism & Buddhism. They were gleaned from my time spent living in these countries & working with Balinese Priests & Thai Monks. None of this is based in traditional Western science as we know it*

I encourage you to message me with any & all questions! Namaste - ZJ