Envision Ring

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Calling all Spiritual Warriors!
Bringing the ancient into the present moment is one of our favorite things to do for you, which is why we have created a skull ring.   Once upon a time, the skull was revered and used as a tool to gain spiritual power, to ward off evil and illness, and it is high-time to re-incorporate this ideal into our life, spiritual practices, and wardrobe.
Since we know how much sacred geometry resonates to the core of your being, the Skull Ring has been engraved with a Flower of Life.  Being the consciously sexy spiritual warrior that you are, not just any old Flower of Life could do.  We made sure to hide the FOL behind the 3rd eye so only you know it's there.  Connect to the vibration of its' energies as you wear your Skull Ring throughout the day.  Feel the seat of intelligence, the spark of human life - that is the flower of life - seep into your essence.  
Breathe in the enormity of the powers this piece holds; to protect, to transform, to awaken.