Courage Mala

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It takes courage and inner strength to work through your karma.
Do you yoga?  Do you chant?  Japa meditation is one of the most powerful practices to cultivate on your yoga path.  Meditate with this wearable, courage-inspiring mala for your practice and feel as your energy shifts.  Each mala is hand-knotted with the purpose of japa meditation in mind.  Wearing it with intention will bring you healing, protection and the ability to manifest dreams.  Each buddha amulet is unique as they are vintage pieces, as unique as your karmic imprint on the world.  
  • 108 stones to fulfill one's karmic desires 
  • Turquoise, green jade, amazonite
  • Aspiring to bring you pieces with low environmental footprint, we do our utmost to upcycle local materials.  Stones may vary slightly in color, shape, and size.