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Brand Consulting

Zahara, the visionary behind the brand, ZAHARA JADE, has singlehandedly cultivated and developed her brand to the extent that it impacts people around the globe.  This is possible not only because of the messages shared through her vision and jewelry, but because of her fluid and unique ability to deliver the message in a way that captures her audience.  Building her business from the ground, up, one of the methods Zahara has found beneficial for spreading the word of ZAHARA JADE is through writing, whether it is general spiritual articles, interviews in magazines, her own web content, or PR and Marketing via social media.  

Her Master's in Clinical Psychology works to support individuals or companies as they hit many of the roadblocks we as individuals hit when reaching for our dreams.  It helps, too, that Zahara has been through it all; hit the wall time and again, and had to figure out the keys to living according to the heart rather than the mind.

In the process of building her own company and rebranding, Zahara has become an expert in the Spiritual Branding arena, working with other conscious individuals and companies to help them develop themselves or their brand in order to best impact their niche target market.  She is now sought out for her talents and expertise, whether it is for professional editing, article writing, or collaboration on larger projects with conscious and social entrepreneurships.  

One of the main messages and truths that shines through from ZAHARA JADE's vision and energies infused in her jewelry is that all individuals possess a uniqueness unto them, and the most fun and fulfilled way to live life is to build it so we are able to use the gifts in line with our highest self to share with the world.  In other words, to live a life full of passion, fun, soul, and love.  This comes from listening to our own intuition, and manifesting our deepest heart's desires, one of the purposes of the ZAHARA JADE jewelry.  This is the process Zahara herself went through to uncover a life that looks and feels both delicious on the inside and outside, one that feeds her soul.  


Why Zahara Jade?

Do you know exactly who you are and what you want to do, but you can't seem to put it in words to others that make sense?

Do you feel how special you are, you are ready to make your mark on the world, but you're just not sure how to go about this?

Have you written: articles, books, web content, product information, other content that has powerful intention but lacks the je ne sais quoi needed to impact others?


Detailed Services

- Content Editing, Article Editing, Book Editing

- Brand strategy and development

- Social Media and Marketing Consulting: setting up, marketing plan

- Individual Life Guidance and Consulting