#NOPEnopeNOPE Campaign

#NOPEnopeNOPE Campaign is a way to unite in empowerment, self-love + self-boundaries.  Too many times we find ourselves- especially those of us with invisible illnesses - extending beyond what is physically | emotionally | spiritually capable of doing.  Much of the time this results in negative consequences.  

You know your own needs and limits.  What would your world look + feel like if you took care of yourself from the start?

Just say #NOPEnopeNOPE

  • When you are too tired to go out with your friends but they are pressuring you anyways
  • When everyone else is drinking alcohol + your body cannot handle 
  • When you must tend to certain physical needs that do not fit the desires of those around you, but you are the "yes" guy or girl
  • When you want to ride your bike but doing so will leave you bedridden for days
  • When you want to take on another new client but you know it will leave you over-extended [and your typical M.O. is to do this anyways]
  • When your dog needs an extra 10 minutes of walking but can wait until your partner/ friends/ family/ neighbor arrive home to help out
  • When you are the Type A guy or girl with an invisible illness + you drive yourself until you are sick
  • When you are almost always well but saying YES to those certain things throws you off-balance
  • When [name your vice]