Is the Spiritual Rockstar Path for Me?

 The journey to living a fully connected, awakened, balanced, soul-filled life in which you are fully in tune with your highest self - so you may fulfil your dharma and live your wildest dreams - is not always smooth and easy.  More often it takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, courage, willingness, and sacrifice to lead a life that you feel, deep down, is worth living, so when you look back on your life in 40 or 60 years, you have not one single regret.

In order to undergo a deep soul transformation, you must be ready.  How do you know if you are truly prepared for such a profound undertaking, vs. having a sense that you want to be a Spiritual Rockstar, but you're not willing to give yourself fully to the process?

The following list can give you a sense of your willingness to commit to the process, and the likelihood that you will experience change, healing, and transformation.

- You lead a wonderful life that fulfils you in many ways, but something is still missing

- Your desire for change is strong, but you have no idea where to begin

- You are seeking clarity around changes and experiences happening in your life

- You are spiritually awake, connected to self, and living a conscious life, but living your full potential and manifesting your dreams seems to slip through your grasp - no matter how many intention setting ceremonies, manifestation activities, or vision boards you do

 - You are ready to embrace the support of a compassionate, empathic, intuitive guide who will open the doorway so you may empower your inner healer, communicate from a place of truth, and expand to the extent you are prepared to accept and fulfil your life's dharma.  

- Your feel your inner spark, you are able to radiate at times, but most often your shine is dulled by life's routine

- You have always been a Spiritual Rockstar at heart, but on the outside your life does not exactly match how you feel on the inside.  You know it's time to make the shift. 

Vibrations Rising 

If you join in re-creating a brilliant, blissful life on the Spiritual Rockstar Path, you may experience some of the following:

- You begin to bring dreams to life, even if they start small. 

- While physical ailments and accidents are, for the most part, out of our control, you will build a new relationship with your body so when they do occur you may experience love and acceptance, rather than pain, suffering, victimization, and blame.

- You will release stale, wounded parts of your self from a cellular level.  This opens space for an entire new self to be born.  

- You will feel empowered

- You will find new ways to relate to people in your life, and may choose to renew your relationships in new, loving, open, communicative ways

- You will feel more open to the world around you, and in turn the world and opportunities will open for you

- Life may begin to feel blissful on a more regular basis - be prepared!

- Smiling a potential side effect

- Your goddess spirit is certain to arise, however that manifests for you

- Your spiritual intelligence will expand and sharpen

- Over time your body will heal.  Your mind will quiet.  Your spirit will expand.

Are you ready to begin your journey, today?

Follow your heart.....