Bring It On!

So you want to live your dream?

Your spirit, heart, and soul have been preparing your entire life to guide you here, to this precise moment in time and space, to a complete Soul Expansion.

As an intelligent, spiritually aware, mindful soul, you already have the answers inside, but have been waiting for the precise moment to expand.  

Do you feel that?  That's your heart beaming with the vibration of these words.  That's your intuition, your gut, your higher consciousness feeling a resonance with the deeper knowing of this truth.   

The time is now.

 If you allow me, I will show you how to transform your current [fill in the BLANK with whatever is HOLDING YOU BACK from living your dream - fears, self-doubts, lack of self-love, sickness, disconnectedness, and so on] into unadulterated magic.

"With the power of soul, anything is possible." - Jimi Hendrix 


Are you prepared to handle the magic and bliss that comes with living your wildest dreams?
I think you are.   

Most of us had dreams at one point in our lives.  Many of us dropped those dreams ages ago when society filled us with fear, convincing us that dreams were only fairytales for the silver screen.

Guess what, Radiant Soul?  Fairytales are real, and dreams are a creation of self.  You have the power within you to dream as big as you can, and watch the dream unfold before your eyes.

Question: Can you see aspects of yourself in the following story?

I left my artist-designer dream in the dust in exchange for a more "mainstream" career that could support my substantial medical bills, a chronically ill person from a very young age.  Though I'd been designing jewelry since childhood for healing purposes, selling it since I was a teen, becoming an artist wasn't realistic.

Finding myself in Bali after a 10 year healing journey, I had time and space to train in healing techniques and expand my abilities.  Still I held tightly to my excuses, self doubt, insecurities, and fear.  I was not ready to step into my dharma - not completely.  Looking at all of the healers around me in comparison, my self talk went something like, "I'm not good enough, not as good as them," or "They are a disgrace to the healing community and I am ashamed to put myself out there as a healer given the temperature of things." 

I was seeing clients, I was healing people, I was experiencing powerful shifts from the work with my clients as well as in my own abilities, but somehow my clients always found me.  I was not openly advertising myself as a healer, content to hide behind my excuses.

My dreams were with me all along, really my entire life.  I allowed the "But's" and "What if's" to overpower any connection I had with Source, with Self, until I had no other choice but to GET REAL. 


If I had to guess, I would say at one point you had a dream that you ditched, so you could replace it with a more grown up, responsible way of life.  Am I right?

Spoiler Alert: My story doesn't end here, and yours doesn't have to either.  Back on a path in line with my heart, my higher self, and my dharma, I was able to reconnect with my dream, and chose - against all reason, fear, doubt, and sanity - to follow it.  

Creating a life that is in line with my dreams has been the single best decision I ever made, and what has allowed me to be here, now, to help guide you to a pure soul expansion, which may perhaps lead you to living your dream. 

Don't wait another 10 years to pass by. Give yourself the gift of YOU, and begin working towards your dream TODAY.   

The Maya Journey

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 Spiritual Rockstar School

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Spiritual Rockstar Retreats

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Move from the heart, with courage, and do it with love.

Email with questions, concerns, fears, boundless love or gratitude.  All queries welcome.