"So much love in my heart for you.  You, the goddess and free spirit and game changer..." ~Diana Vitantonio

"I found your site right when I was feeling lost and something in me needed guidance, I think I was finally "ready" to find my way through "me" if that makes any sense. And I feel an awakening within me and I feel it has something to do with finding you." ~Joy O'Meara

"Thank you for the beautiful energy which you give people!!!" ~ Lenka Barochova

"I wanted to thank you again for Wed!! Afer you were discussing about pains etc, my back pain went away. I don't know if it was the breathing or what but as we moved through the session my back felt Amazingggg!!"   ~ Kimberley Kermode

"Your jewelry is beautiful and conscious...i love it!  You know, what's even more lovely than your jewelry is the real jewels that are shining inside your soul...Inspired by you, your work and your story, I just became a backer of your campaign. It was so wonderful to meet you in Mysore. Good luck and lots of light to you, Jim" ~Jim Kambeitz