L.O.V.E. Ambassadors

L.O.V.E. Ambassadors


ZAHARA JADE line is a conscious brand for all.  Along with simple benefits of inspiration & finding harmony in one's life, our jewelry and its' energy is meant to encourage your inner radiance to shine bright.  

We believe that ~Consciousness is Sexy~ and awakening to one's true potential, following your dreams, living from your heart & fulfilling your passions can help make the world a better, brighter, happier place to live.  ZJ L.O.V.E. Ambassadors are hand chosen because each one of them embodies this ideal and lives a conscious life, following his or her dreams while sharing inspiring healing work with the world.  

ZAHARA JADE L.O.V.E. Ambassadors are individuals who radiate LOVE from every cell of their being.  Healing is the way of life, awakening is their path, and living their truth goes without question.  Applications are welcome and encouraged if you believe your vibration resonates with the ZJ L.O.V.E. Ambassador mission and way of life.  If you connect with ZAHARA JADE and feel strongly you wish to share our message with the world, please reach out!

2014 L.O.V.E. Ambassadors                   

Alissa Bilfield

As an environmental policy planner with an eye on sustainable development issues Alissa observed disturbing trends in global agriculture and consumption.  Alissa's passion and dedication to healing on a global level led her to co-found The Cookbook Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting health for the individual and the planet throughexperiential food-based education. Aligned with the goals of the Slow Food Movement and the Food Justice Movement, CBP provides educational workshops in local communities in order to bridge the gap between access to fresh, local food, and knowledge of culturally relevant food preparation.

Talented, focused, and extremely motivated, Alissa has also been a practitioner of yoga for over a decade, a Health Educator, and values healing the world on a micro and macro level.  She is full power, full passion, all of the time.  Anyone who meets Alissa would agree that she is one of the most loving, giving, generous souls on the planet.

It is with great honor the ZAHARA JADE donates jewelry & a portion of proceeds to The Cookbook Project.  More about Alissa and her global impact in the Non-profit world may be found at: The Cookbook Project


Diana Vitantonio

Diana Vitantonio. Yogi, Goddess, Divine Soul, spreading laughter, happiness & radiance everywhere she goes.  Teaching yoga around the world, Diana is also a Soul Activist and teaches others how to become the same.  She is one of the most shining, radiant individuals full of love, compassion and pure joy anyone is blessed to meet.  More about Diana's and her work may be found at: Diana Vitantonio



Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies is a shining bright light in the conscious community.  A dedicated practitioner and teacher of both yoga and holistic healing, Ryan loves the practice, lives the practice and embodies the practice.  He shares his passions through his teaching, his incredible raw food, his irresistibly sweet demeanor and humor.  Leaving the traditional material world and corporate life behind for a path that resonated with his soul, Ryan found a home in Asia where he shares his passions of yoga, raw food and holistic healing.  You can find his conscious healing work at www.HealthAuPair.com and www.rawshtanga.com

Ryan and ZAHARA JADE: Ryan was one of Zahara's first Mala Making Workshop students in India, and swears by her malas, sharing them with as many of his friends & family as he can.  He reaches out in support of the ZJ line whenever possible.
Clare McKinney  
Clare holds awareness that in order to maintain inner balance and freedom, she must remain free from expectations of others, and carve space for self-expression.  She sustains a personal inner practice in order to balance the demands of the material world; "It's not what's on the outside, but what's going on inside that matters".  Clare holds values similar to ZAHARA JADE, that it is important to create a world around her which reflects her inner beauty.  She's free-spirited, self-guided soul who is Head of Creative Business for an Independent Music Publisher.  ZJ is proud to have a creative artist, part of urban society, sharing her vision with the world, as one of our L.O.V.E. Ambassadors to spread our vision.
Clare and ZAHARA JADE:  “Having a gemstone mala hand crafted by a friend is pretty special. Zahara and I met in Kerala in 2008, her "just get on with it" attitude was inspiring and we stayed in touch. When I asked Zahara to make a mala for me I gave her full freedom to make it. What arrived in London was a beautiful piece which I have been using for mantra repetition. Chanting with my mala I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.”   Clare is now having her wedding bands designed and blessed in the Far East by ZAHARA JADE

 Sofia Araujo

A natural embodiment of the goddess spirit, Sofia spreads wisdom and inspires wherever she goes. To watch her flow through life, it is clear Sofia lives what she speaks and believes: "The gift of Life is to be present to it.

Sofia’s life passion and work, the art of teaching healing through yoga, are not separate from other aspects of her life.  She believes these are all gifts for herself, gifts she deserves.  Sofia is the director and co-founder of Swara Yoga School, providing yoga therapy courses and holistic health immersions around the world.

You can follow Sofia's philosophies and teachings around the world at: www.swara-yoga.com 

Emily Baxter
Emily is a rockstar in everyday life, and she just so happens to be an unbelievable teacher, yogi, friend, and goddess sharing love and light as she goes.  Her greatest passion in life is to inspire freedom in others; a calling found as she dedicates her life to sharing and teaching in every moment.  Driven to challenge herself and those around her, Emily does so from a very grounded place.  She is always "keeping it real"; living fully, joyously, laughing without pause.  From yoga to acrobatics to slacklining, Emily's journey and exploration of movement and mind-body practicies continues to evolve as the shares her knowledge around the world.  Her pursuit of the physical is driven by the deeper transformation of fears and self, that happens as one's practices go deeper.  She is empowered having built a life around these practices and sharing them with her students.  
Emily on being a ZJ L.O.V.E. Ambassador: "Representing such a beautiful, conscious project is an honor.  There is power in each of the pieces and knowing the love that Zahara pours into her creations brings a special energy when wearing them."  More info about Emily can be found on her website:  www.specialblendyoga.com


Tyler Morgan
Tyler moves through the world in flow.  It is only in following his heart and his truth that he has come to dedicate his life to a life of being inspired and inspiring others through movement, energy and healing practices.  Compassion, love and courage are strong themes which ground not only his teachings but also Tyler's life.  While movement is Tyler's forte, it is using breathwork to heal that is his true gift.  To find out more about Tyler and where to locate his teachings, stay tuned or reach out.  He is currently around Asia [Thailand, Bali, India].   
Tyler on ZAHARA JADE:  “I don't like skull rings.  I have worn this one all day and love how it feels, love the energy of it.  I don't even like wearing jewelry, but I [the Zahara Jade line] is perfect for me.”

ZAHARAJADE. is currently choosing select individuals from around the world to join our Ambassadors.  We encourage anyone to apply who is: in positions of leadership, those who have a voice in their community, or is making a strong, positive impact on the world.  Men, don't be shy, our line is Unisex and we welcome your representation!  ZJ L.O.V.E. Ambassadors have the responsibility of representing the ZAHARA JADE brand, sharing our vision with the community around them at every opportunity.  In return, you will receive jewelry to rock, social media press, and a lot of love from us.  Contact ZAHARA JADE TODAY to apply!