Ethical Criteria

Majority of ZJ's pieces are made with items from vintage markets, previously used for protection ceremonies or other vintage jewelry.  Our metalsmiths use sheets of metals which come from local temples and buildings.  Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is helpful with budget.  Whatever the reason, we are happy they do it!  Also, we upcycle old jewelry into new designs and pieces so as not to waste any materials.  As well, all of our marketing & packaging materials are recycled, from business cards, to boxes, bags, price tags, etc.

All vintage, recycled, upcycled materials used in ZJ products are local to Thailand, mostly Northern Thailand, where we are based.  They have been sourced and produced here.  Even the chains we use are made in Thailand, in some cases some of the chains are made by local farmers during off-season (when they are not tending to crops).  Recycled metals come from temples and buildings around the city where we are based.

We donate a portion of our proceeds at the end of the year to NGO The Cookbook Project, along with pieces of jewelry to their fundraisers in San Francisco & NYC.  ZAHARA JADE's ultimate goal is to build up enough reserves to continue Zahara, the founder's own Non-profit project, Mala Magic.  She worked with Palliative Care Mysore, teaching terminally ill & their caretakers how to make jewelry, sold it into the yoga community, to bring them back 90% of the proceeds.  The long-term vision is to build this program with palliative care facilities in developing countries around the world, but this will take time, and funds....thus monies from ZAHARA JADE are donated to the Mala Magic Foundation at the end of the year to work towards this goal.

Nearly all pieces are one-of-a-kind.  The metal combinations make it such, the buddha amulets are each one-of-a-kind, the stones are upcycled from old jewelry as much as possible thus not always the exact same.  Some pieces are, in fact, so highly limited in quantity that they are truly one-of-a-kind.

All products are hand made either by Zahara Jade herself, or her metalsmith, or a combination of the two.  Any vintage pieces and parts have been hand-made by monks.

All of ZJ products are fairmade.  What is not created by Zahara is done with our metalsmith, B.  She has a small shop where she works with her family: boyfriend, son, father, and a few others.  They are highly compensated relative to Thai living standards.  

Our products are made with nearly 100% locally sourced products.  Additionally, our manufacturing process in metal design is minimal and not anywhere near as robust as it is, say in a large manufacturing facility that uses large machines, keeping our eco footprint as low as possible.

The recycled products we use for packaging are sustainably sourced from a local village that is commissioned by the Thai Government to produce recycled paper goods.  Zahara herself has visited the village to witness their process, including the special trees they use.  We proudly source all of our vintage and recycled materials locally, maintaining sastainably sourced status.