Company Partnerships

Is your company or brand seeking its' own spiritual evolution?  

Are you:  Organic, Sustainable, Green, in the Yoga world, Eco-Friendly?

We want to help you be the best version of your company you can be!  Many companies nowadays are creating partnerships to expand their image - why not promote your already-exceptional image in the socially conscious, inspiring arena with a custom product line from ZAHARA JADE?

ZAHARA JADE has created a niche market partnering with companies in the Organic / Green / Spiritual sectors, with our eco-friendly, sustainable, yogi inspired, blessed jewelry, and we want to work with you!  

Why work with ZAHARA JADE?  

1. Elevate your brand & image to the next level; separate yourself from your competitors & peers with your own unique, exceptional product line

2. Leverage your company's image with a like-minded company 

3. Increase revenue with your signature product line

4. Your design will fit your brand

5. One-on-one, dedicated service, working directly with Zahara, the Founder & Owner of ZAHARA JADE, to create and see your vision through

Who is a good fit to co-create with ZAHARA JADE?

1. Small-to-medium sized companies working on sharing a strong vision & mission of healing & doing good in the world

2. You wish to expand your line with a focus on jewelry

3. You resonate with the ZAHARA JADE vision

4. You love supporting smaller, grass roots, indie designers & brands

Your company could be next!  We look forward to hearing from you!    zaharajadelife [at] gmail [dot] com


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