Background & Training


Master's in Clinical Psychology
Certified Yoga Teacher
Certified Thai Bodyworker
Integrated Training:  Imagery Dialogue Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Regression Bodywork, Holistic Health Guidance, Craniosacral Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Imagery Work, Vision Boards, and Family Dynamics, Acro Yoga Intensive Training.

Zahara's approach to Spiritual Guidance is much the same as the healing process itself; it is most effective when approached intuitively, in flow, more embodied and less in the mind, holding complete trust in the process.  All she asks is that you hold complete faith in yourself, and wait to see the changes as they blossom.  

Results are inevitable if you are coming from a place of love.

She has studied with her teacher and guru, Sharat Jois, in Mysore, India since 2008.  

Zahara fine-tuned her imagery work through techniques learned with her meditation teacher in India.

She led a weekly Women's Group in Bali, topics ranging from Love to Healing to Living Your Dreams.

Zahara studied in Bali with swordmakers, Balyans, and Mankus (Balinese priests).

She spends time learning buddhism, its history, and practices with Monks in Thailand.

She has seen clients for Spiritual Guidance and Integrated Energy Work for half a decade.  

She has higher guides but ultimately turns to inner knowing and her own higher self for answers.


Zahara works as your guide, to help you find your inner magic intuitive healing abilities.  From deep inner wisdom, a lifetime of experience healing body, mind, and soul, and following dreams until they become reality, Zahara is well-positioned as your Spiritual Coach, to assist in illuminating your truth.  

She is not a medical doctor, a certified nutritionist, nor a licensed psychologist providing psychotherapeutic analysis.  Rather, she provides dream-seekers with the support, structure, and guidance for self-healing, soul expansion, and awakening.  

Any subsequent results of the work lies in your hands; you are the one single person in a position to say YES to healing and following your dreams, and to let go of whatever is holding you back.  By agreeing to work with Zahara, you understand that there are no expressed, guaranteed results.  There is no magic in the work itself, and by proceeding with the process, you acknowledge and understand that the power to change ultimately lies within your grasp.

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."  - Caroline Myss