Zahara Jade

U|U Founder | Zahara Jade, M.A. 

Afflicted with a rare, painful, at times crippling autoimmune disease from the age of one, Zahara never thought her life would amount to more than daily medications, hospital visits, pain, and suffering.  After hitting rock bottom from the disease, she connected with her inner healer and healed her mind, body, heart, and soul over a 2 yr period, re-creating herself from the inside-out.  From the perspective of a newly healthy person after 25 years of disease, Zahara learned what it meant to have dreams, passions, desires, and to follow them.

Zahara began practicing yoga and meditation at the age of 19.  She had a profound awakening that left her open to experience an altered state of enlightenment for nearly a year, at the age of 32.  She spent 8 years in the Far East following her heart, living her truth, and finding bliss.  The journey also included creating her own brand of eco-friendly protective jewelry, ZAHARA JADE and meeting her love of her life.


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