Freedom in Healing. Untied | Untitled

Untied | Untitled was born out of founder Zahara Jade's vision to create a united wellness collective for those who are wishing to be elevated out of suffering, for even a moment.  Our manifestation includes:

  • A collection of healing narratives from powerful, successful, strong individuals who live with invisible illnesses, experience times of suffering, and have wisdom to share.  Stay tuned for the U|U Podcast, COMING SOON!
  • Our ReStore: A curated selection of high-vibration products, good for the environment + humans.  This is a place to restore yourself + support the artisans behind the products, many of whom have an incredible story to tell.  Each artisan sold on U|U is vetted through a rigorous process, so please be sure to read about the amazing things these brand are doing for the world + you!  
  • #NOPEnopeNOPE social media campaign, an initiative for self-care + self-empowerment to achieve optimum wellness.  Join us in the #NOPEnopeNOPE movement!

Story submission requests HERE.

Artisans feature requests HERE.