Hope, Light, Goddess, Birth of a Dream. Happy Winter Solstice

I only had one clear direction, one drive, one goal from the moment I met Joe, from the tiny drop of hope I took away from our meeting: make my dream happen.

The Winter Solstice is considered one of the greatest spiritual events on the calendar and has deep meaning in many cultures.  It is associated with the birth of the Sun, the birth of God and Goddess.  In also seen as rebirth of the light.  It is a celebration of family, and of hope.

And so today it is not beyond me to take a moment and find gratitude and a look back where seeds for the re-birth of P.R.A.Y. Jewelry began an auspicious 9 months ago.  The inspiration, light, rebirth I feel suits the significance of the Winter Solstice.  Appropriate that today I am feeling inspired by my inner Goddess, by my inner light, and to tell the story of how P.R.A.Y. Jewelry was reborn. 

For my vision and dream had been in hibernation, and perhaps in my mind even put to rest.  That is, until a synchronistic encounter with Joe, the infamous Chiang Mai tarot card reader/ Psychic/ Energy worker.  Early 30’s, Joe is well practiced in moving and seeing energy. It is apparent that he merely uses the tarot as a tool, that he knows things about people using his senses, simply by being in their presence, by feeling their energy.  He knows their story.  Joe uses his fine-tuned senses and higher knowledge of life to help guide people on their journey.

I was not interested in have a tarot card reading.  Opposed, turned off by this esoteric science, in fact, I could barely entertain the conversation while my Thai friend Jiaranai relayed her friendship and mystical experiences with Joe.  As we all know, when we are forced to stop and listen and we follow the “signs”, most often we are led in a direction that proves bountiful.  So when my air-tight hat flew off my head riding on the back of Jiaranai’s motorbike and Tarot Reading Joe passed through my mind, I insisted J call him as we stood on the side of a hot, humid, dirty, busy Asian motorway.  No less than 3 hours later did we have a girl’s day around Chiang Mai and one of the most powerful and important hours of my next year.

A few key things to note at this point:

  •           My jewelry line, while conceptualized 10 months prior to this precise day, had a name, but no logo and therefore no true brand           or mark in the world
  •             I had no idea what Joe could possibly do, help me with, if he could help me, or what we would talk about
  •            3 near death experiences, overworking and general India soul excavation left me dazed, arriving in Thailand in flow but                       generally unclear & seemingly lost in my life at the moment I went to see him.  I was getting on a train the following day to                   South Thai  Islands to teach Mala Making Workshops but that was the most direction I had

Session with Joe, Takeaways:

  •          Business Oracle that he is, Joe was able to guide me in so many ways regarding P.R.A.Y.
  •          Cards showed: PRAY had no logo, also that as soon as I got a logo, the business would become famous & successful.  Joe                was able to counsel me on what my logo should be & why.
  •          Joe made predictions about travel & money – what would happen over the course of this year, specifically where and what I              would spend my money on.  I did not believe him.  All of what he said has to fruition.
  •          Joe shared that he had the image of Shiva, god of Creation and Destruction, prior to meeting me.  He was not sure why.  My              hair was pulled into a side ponytail.  When I took it down without prompt, he shared his vision, saying that he then got the same          image.  To him this made sense; Shiva creates, as an artist and designer I create and destroy again in order to re-create. 

Only days prior energy was stagnant, stuck, vision dead.  Then I sat at a table with Jiaranai, Joe and a world of possibilities, a glimmer of my potential laid out before me.  I had a couple of simple tips about how to move forward with my gifts and vision, and that was all I needed.  The rest would, and did, unfold from there.

  1. life.  Using recommendations about logo design from Joe, I drew a couple of renditions of what I wanted my logo to look like.  As my synchronistic, flowy life saw to it, one of the people who happened to be a dear friend to me in the islands was a digital graphic designer.  In no more than a few hours he transformed my drawing into digital form. 


Voilà! P.R.A.Y. Jewelry, now ZAHARA JADE, born into creation.  

How did it all unfold?  So many juicy details.  The one I will share with you is the most incredible to me of all:

Not 24 hours after I post my shiny new digitalized logo on Facebook and twitter, a seemingly cool, high profile NYC magazine starts to follow me on twitter.  Less than one week later, I receive an email from the co-editor of this very magazine, The Culture-ist.  They love my brand, my jewelry, and wish to feature me as they launch a brand new socially conscious, green, fair-trade e-commerce shop connected to their already well-known magazine. 

Ehhem?  Me?  When I realized they were definitely asking me, I burst out crying and laughing at the same time.  How beautifully the Universe works. 

And just as Joe stated it would happen, as soon as I developed a logo for my brand, the message got out.  P.R.A.Y. Jewelry started to become more well-known, more sought after, and the shift of healing jewelry, consciousness in a different form, is happening.


Thank you, Joe.

1st photo cred: http://www.mysticmamma.com/

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