The Un-Story: It's All Happening

 Life Happens While We’re Not Looking.

More to reality, everything we need is here and now, but sometimes the mind wants to escape, or emotions cloud experience.

"The next message you need is always right where you are." — Ram Dass


I’m building a dream.  A vision.  A creation.  To inspire, to heal, to re-create, re-formulate, undo, redo, shift, transform, revolutionize.  The juiciest parts are in the NOW, the process, the Un-Story.  

At times, though, I feel as though I’m in a waiting station.  I’m “waiting” for my vision, ZAHARA JADE, to take off.  I’m waiting to inspire.  Inspiration is not always immediate.  Sometimes as on facebook I send out a post and receive immediate feedback, or write an article on, say, Elephant Journal, and feedback comes back almost too immediately and I feel inspiration or deflation, for that matter, from around the world, in a matter of seconds or hours.  I teach a yoga class and those moments, immediately following the class I feel the gratitude from students.  This is one of the reasons working in the healing arts is so fulfilling. 

But other work, blood, sweat and tears of day in and day out is delayed gratification as in many of our jobs.   I’m waiting for the business to be financially abundant.  The most precious moments are in the waiting.  Since flipping over to less direct means of healing, through material energy on a grand scale, the impact is larger but the feedback. 

This IS the story. 

To quote my incredibly talented, successful sister; I feel like a “homeless man”; all three – myself, her, and her husband – travel the world for our visions and the closest thing we have to material grounding is a trunk in Mysore, India which we share.  Will I have a home once this……?  Once this, or once that?  Will I meet a partner…….once this, or once that?  

No, no, no, no, no.  Simply, no.  I prove to myself on a daily basis that everything IS possible NOW.

I can manifest what I want in this moment, regardless of external circumstances, everything is impermanent anyhow.  I wish to connect with a particular person and POOF!  The connection happens.  I send out the intention to become a published writer in Elephant Journal and BOOM, here I have it.  Gluten/ dairy free delicious frosted something, the closest thing which may mimic my favorite dessert from America I’ve been craving?  NO waaaay---wait a second!  Delicious frosted Avocado-Ginger muffins to die for at my local organic shop.  Seriously, yum.  Oh and a sweet road bicycle to ride around town, gifted to me.  100 monks at P.R.A.Y. jewelry blessing ceremony?  No problem.

Buddhist monk ceremony during which P.R.A.Y.

amulets were charged w/ powers

“It’s all happening” as goes the favorite hippie quote of the day.  My mind gets caught up in what it believes the story is and I nearly miss the Un-Story, or rather my life: reality and the present moment.  Truth is, I am handed gifts from the Universe left and right.

"Prolong not the past 

Invite not the future 

Do not alter your innate wakefulness 

Fear not appearances 

There in nothing more than this" — Ram Dass

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